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Running bitwarden_rs on a Raspberry Pi 4


We will be setting up bitwarden_rs without Docker, by compiling it manually and then running as a service. In this example we are using SQLite, but you can change this to MySQL or PostgreSQL if you prefer.

Install dependencies

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh      # Answer Y when prompted
apt install -y build-essential git pkg-config libssl-dev libsqlite3-dev

Clone the repo

git clone
cd bitwarden_rs


cargo build --features sqlite --release


After compilation, the built binary will be ./target/release/bitwarden_rs. This should be moved to /usr/bin with mv ./target/release/bitwarden_rs /usr/bin/bitwarden_rs

The data directory needs to be created with mkdir -p /var/lib/bitwarden_rs/data. This is where the bitwarden keys and database are stored.

Create a user account with adduser bitwarden_rs. Make sure the ownership of everything in /var/lib/bitwarden_rs is set to the bitwarden_rs user.


Download the already built assets:

cd /var/lib/bitwarden_rs
# Amend the version as appropriate

Extract them

tar -xvf bw_web_v2.17.1.tar.gz


Create the systemd service file. Copy the file from the wiki.