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Gemini Protocol

Project Gemini

Gemini is a new, collaboratively designed internet protocol, which explores the space inbetween gopher and the web, striving to address (perceived) limitations of one while avoiding the (undeniable) pitfalls of the other.

For the server I'm using satellite.

git clone
cd satellite
go build
mkdir -p /var/lib/satellite/certs

Create satellite.toml

# Address to listen to requests (default:
#listen = ""

# Directory to save certificates
directory = "/var/lib/satellite/certs"

# Multiple domains can be set with the [[domain]] section
name = "gemini.matrix"
root = "/srv/gemini/gemini.matrix"

For the client I'm using bombadillo

git clone
cd bombadillo
sudo make install

You will need to create a directory with some static files inside. These files should have a file extension of .gmi or .gemini. The content is structured like a subset of markdown:

# Normal text
Hello World!

# Link
=> gemini:// An Example Link

# Preformatted text
# ```
preformatted text surrounded by 3 backticks
# ```

# Headers using #
# Title
## Sub Title
### Sub Sub Title

# Unordered list
* No
* Particular
* Order

# Quote lines
> This is a good quote